to kill a mockingbird and the clash

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Josh Huver 24 April, 2005 H. English II Mrs. Olejnik Boo Radley is Lost in the Supermarket While I was searching for a good piece of writing to relate to Harper Lee's book To Kill A Mockingbird , I also put in a cd of The Clash, London Calling , in my cd player. When I heard the words to "Lost in the Supermarket" I knew it was perfect for my topic. The way singer Joe Strummer opens with the chorus "I'm all lost in the supermarket/ I can no longer shop happily/ I came in here for that special offer/ A guaranteed personality." I instantly thought of Boo Radley. and how he seems to be eternally 'lost' inside his own home. Boo has no personality that the children of Maycomb County can relate to him, citing the 'guaranteed personality' that appears to be unattainable. In the second verse, Strummer sings that he is “All tuned in” and “sees all the programs.” I related the particular references to the way Boo Radley is everywhere without anybody taking notice, as a man would do as he were watching TV. One perfect example of this
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