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what kind of woman will you marry

what kind of woman will you marry - Josh Huver 10 26 03...

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Josh Huver 10 - 26 - 03 Honors English 5 th Period Journal Assignment The kind of woman that I imagine myself marrying someday is definitely someone that would be able to get along with. She would be around the same height as me, taller or shorter only by a few inches though. She would have the best looking eyes, the kind that just pierce through you when you look in them. She and I would have fun doing things together, whether its hanging out at home on the couch just watching T.V. or going out to a local music show or a movie or dinner. The woman I imagine myself marrying would be someone who is not on one of two extremes, but who falls in-between. She wouldn’t always be way too hyper, but not way too mellow. We’d share similar interests in music, food, people and our outlook on things would be similar as well. She’d laugh at all my jokes, and I at hers, no matter how bad either might be. She would like kids and cares about them. This is the kind of woman I imagine myself marrying; a fun loving,
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