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Josh Huver Ms. Anderson H. World History June 28, 2004 Why Is History Important? History is a very important thing. It’s been around forever, and has been documented for up to 5,000+ years now, most specifically in the Bible. People have used it to keep records of good things and bad things that have happened. However embarrassing the failures and bad things may be, some did not keep those records, only of good things, such as Egypt, they only recorded their profits and successes. This explains why there are no stories pertaining to Moses, why would they record such a defeat? History is also there so that we may learn from it. Say the world leaders are fuming at each other and wish to go to war, but then they think about history. World War One. Nobody wants so many broken homes in their families, nobody wants that kind of mass destruction. So they op for peace. History is a wonderful thing. Knowing history can help us to avoid making mistakes such as those in the past. An example of such a
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