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Preci # 1 By Calvin Bruch Philosophy 1000:Introduction to Philosophy MWF 9:00-9:50AM Professor Jonathan Peeters William James wrote his “will to Believe “ doctrine in 1897. James wrote that a “genuine” choice could be: 1.) Live or dead 2.) Forced or avoidable 3.) Momentous or trivial 1.) A.) A live choice compared to a dead one has some appeal to the person making the choice while the dead one does not. 2.) A.) When James wrote about a “forced” option he is talking about an option in which said person is forced to make a choice between two or more options. 3.) A.) James refers to momentous decisions as very unique
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and important while a trivial choice could be choosing whether to drink Coke Cola or Pepsi. William James argues that people don’t choose their beliefs but they just have them. For instance, one could choose not to believe something that he knows is true, such as the fact that George Washington was the first president of the United States of America. James discusses how people look at their authority
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Preci#1 - Preci # 1 By Calvin Bruch Philosophy...

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