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Calvin Bruch Philosophy 1000 Professor Johnathan Peeters April 29, 2008 Last Preci The Moral Argument for Vegetarianism By James Rachels Preci By Calvin Bruch In this essay Mr. Rachels argues that, to most people, the simple notion that vegetarianism is morally wrong is ridiculous since our society is so centered around meat. He also points out that the argument of “Victory through Vegetarianism” is completely ridiculous and shouldn’t be given thought at all. However, there is one argument Rachels thinks must be taken seriously and that is the argument that vegetarianism is wrong because it causes suffering that isn’t necessary. This argument is valid because of course as sophisticated as our society has become we should be able to obtain all the nutrients and nourishment we require without eating any meat at all and therefore without causing any unnecessary suffering. Rachels points out that many see eating meat as a “victimless crime,” such as pornography or, he argues, prostitution. He also points out that, “The wrongness of cruelty to animals is often explained in terms of its effects on human beings.” By this he means that some think it is not wrong to kill an animal because
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Preci # 7 - Calvin Bruch Philosophy 1000 Professor...

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