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The Chosen Why is this film called “The Chosen”? What does it mean to be “chosen” in the film and in the broader context of Judaism? Your answer must incorporate elements from both the film and your notes on Jewish history/self-understanding. Summarize only when necessary. The heavy lifting of your paper will consist of analyzing the concept of “chosenness” and its relationship to the characters in the film, Jewish history and self-understanding. Be sure to write from a scholarly, etic perspective; your religious beliefs should not be visible through your writing. Before you begin, be sure you can answer these two questions: 1. In a word, what is the paper about?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. You will explore this idea through two mediums. What are they? Grading Just like the Gandhi papers, these papers will be graded on five components: ideas, organization, support, style, and mechanics. For each component, you will be awarded between zero and five points. The points correspond to the letter grades F-A, with “1” being an “F” and “5” being an “A.” For further details, refer to the grade correspondence chart or the handout, “Grading Papers.” Please remember the addendum to the grading system: a score of 1 or less on “ideas” will limit your paper grade to a 68....
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