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the romero paper - Be sure to write from a scholarly etic...

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Romero Here’s the big question, the main subject of your paper: What similarities do you see between the story of Romero and the early history (first five centuries) of Christianity? This will require you to identify both themes from the film – not just particular problems – and themes from the first five centuries of Christianity. If you need help recalling events or details from the film, try this website: “Romero” on IMDB.com http://imdb.com/title/tt0098219/ Summarize the film only when necessary. The real work of your paper will consist of identifying releveant themes of the film and early Christian history, and then making a connection between those themes that your reader can follow.
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Unformatted text preview: Be sure to write from a scholarly, etic perspective; your religious beliefs should not be visible through your writing. Grading Just like the Gandhi papers, these papers will be graded on five components: ideas, organization, support, style, and mechanics. For each component, you will be awarded between zero and five points. The points correspond to the letter grades F-A, with “1” being an “F” and “5” being an “A.” For further details, refer to the grade correspondence chart or the handout, “Grading Papers.” Please remember the addendum to the grading system: a score of 1 or less on “ideas” will limit your paper grade to a 68....
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