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Bourbina 1 Missamarika88 9/25/2007 Engl 111*39 Critique Essay College: Option or not? Is college truly a necessity? In “Who Needs College” by Linda Lee, she doesn’t think so. She makes her point that there are quite a few trades, and some people who do not need higher education to obtain a comfortable life. She asks the question: “Is [your child] ready? Should he go at all?” As a person in college, with a desire to better my future, I do not agree with Lee. Higher education in today’s society is becoming less an option, and more of something that is mandatory to make a decent salary. “Who needs college” is an argument for the absence of higher education. Lee feels that not everyone needs a higher education, and that a large portion of Americans could succeed without it. Lee feels that in the past, to get a high paying job one must’ve had a college degree. Lee states: “First, until the computer industry came along, all the highest-paying jobs required a college degree: doctor, lawyer, engineer.” She thinks her own son was not ready for college right out of high school because he went and dropped out, or to use her terminology, “stopped out.” Lee’s point is clear through out her essay. Lee was writing to parents of college bound children, and the essay was clear and well written. The basis for her essay comes largely from her experience with her son’s higher education experience. In the third
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Engl 111 critique essay - Bourbina 1 Missamarika88...

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