Engl 111 paper 3 final draft

Engl 111 paper 3 final draft - Bourbina 1 Missamarika88...

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Bourbina 1 Missamarika88 English 111 11/6/2007 Paper 3- Final Draft A Summary and Response to “Rock N’ Revolt” Rock music is a social phenomenon that has touched the lives of people around the world. Music groups such as the Beatles have created mass hysteria to be recorded in history books. However, is this mass hysteria incited by rock music such a coincidence? In Isabelle Leymarie’s article “Rock N’ Revolt,” Leymarie explains that violence and rock music have an unprecedented correlation together. Music is the expression of what a society is psychologically containing. Music may indeed be a catalyst to social violence and fuel violent thoughts, but it is not a reason for them. The first paragraph in Leymarie’s article talks about the life styles of rock music’s finest, mentioning cultural icons such as Jim Morrison of the Doors, and Janis Joplin who both died of drug overdoses. She then goes on to tell about an example of violence at a Rolling Stone’s concert. In the second paragraph she mentions rap music being violent as well, with song titles such as “Cop Killer”. She also mentions the film “A Clockwork Orange” in which the main character is driven crazy by Beethoven’s music, and music from Cuba which often generated brawls that had to be broken up by the police force. In
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Engl 111 paper 3 final draft - Bourbina 1 Missamarika88...

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