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History Paper 1 - Bourbina 1 Missamarika88 Hist 100B*5...

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Bourbina 1 Missamarika88 Hist 100B*5 10/4/2007 Paper 1 In colonial America, it was the puritan beliefs that governed the thought process of some of its immigrants from Europe. Puritans, although settling in America to escape religious persecution, brought onto the Native Americans, and also some settlers of other religious beliefs. Part of the puritanical belief was based on their religion being the “true way”, and thus they felt compelled to spread their beliefs onto those did not follow the same religion. This concept alone, but with out a doubt in combination with other settlement philosophy led to religious intolerance in colonial America. When settling on what is now America’s eastern coast, one of the immigrants main incentives for coming here was the prospect of obtaining new land for themselves, which translated ultimately into making more money. However, when the new settlers, in this case the puritans set about to mark these new lands as their own, they ran into opposing forces: The Native Americans. Native American concepts such as seasonal rounds, where different sections of lands were used in different seasons to maximize resources, and usufruct rights which allowed use, but not ownership conflicted strongly
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History Paper 1 - Bourbina 1 Missamarika88 Hist 100B*5...

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