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Gledhill 1 -1Mike Gledhill Prof. Oakes American History to 1865 November 17 th 2007 The Birthplace of the Republic” Orange County New York is one of the more historically rich areas in all of New York State. Many of the towns and cities this county encompasses are directly linked to some of the more exciting and interesting benchmarks found in American history. Not to say that other towns and cities don’t have an interesting history, but where can you walk down the sidewalk past where George Washington used to live? This is the exact reason why Newburgh New York should be examined from an American History classes point of view. It is laced with different cultures and races because of immigration, it was in a strategic spot for the nations defense during the civil war and is called “the birthplace of the republic.” From the early explorations of Henry Hudson in 1609 to the booming trade and commerce of the 19 th century, Newburgh is a town that deserves its place in the history books and should be recognized for its active role in early American History. The English sailor Henry Hudson who sailed under contract for the Dutch government, reached Newburgh bay in 1609. His boat, named the Half Moon, was the first boat to sail as far north as the newly discovered lands that would be Newburgh. Hudson’s first mate left a journal entry the morning they set sail from Newburgh Bay stating that the area is “a pleasant place to build a town.” (McTamany). Soon after, white European settlers began to cultivate and build on the western shores of the Hudson it what is now Newburgh. The native peoples, the Waoranek, a tribe apart of the Algonquin
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Gledhill 2 nation, were a peaceful group who taught the settlers how to farm the land. The first settlers came in 1709 from the Palatinate, they were driven out by Louis
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Newburgh - Gledhill 1 Mike Gledhill Prof Oakes American...

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