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-1Edwin Gonzalez Prof. Oakes History to 1865 November 27 th 2007 Page 259 Q’s 3 + 4 3. The poor white farmer and Hammond and Barrow had different views and attitudes towards slavery. Hammond and Barrow had made it clear that they are not particularly advocates of slavery, they just understand that it is necessary and it’s the way life is. They don’t endorse it because it has always been this way. He had quoted Jefferson saying that “all man are created equal” and argued that this is not so. Jefferson’s statement is true in an ideal society which has never existed. He made it clear that every society has classes and America is no different. The poor white farmer on the other hand expressed feelings and concern for the slaves because they were being worked too hard and aggressively.
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Unformatted text preview: They seemed to be in the middle of slavery, they did not care for it or embrace it, they just understood it existed. 4. In this chapter, the documents make it clear that not all of the southern farmers were pro slavery or advocates advancing slavery. In actuality, many southerners were indifferent to slavery. Only rich plantation owners were pro slavery because it benefited them. They were the only ones capable of affording slaves. Their values however were distinct, the poor white farmer had stated “they work them too hard.” This is an example of remorse and sympathy for southern slaves. This is unexpected coming from a southern farmer....
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