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Term paper - has are the Union Square area which is in...

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Term paper Problems importance My uncle is considering the possibility of buying a small hotel business in San Francisco. He feels that there is lots of tourist business in some parts of the city such as in downtown Union Square area and the hotel/motel strip of the city located on Lombard Street and his last option is to not buy at all. The market for the hotel business can be based on different locations in the city and it can be good, average or bad or bad. The probabilities for these possibilities are 0.3 for good market, for an average market, and 0.4 for a bad market. The probabilities for different markets are very important to my uncle because it tells him about which market is good in the city and which is not. Since, San Francisco has many good locations it is hard to figure out which is good average or bad market. The two choices that he
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Unformatted text preview: has are the Union Square area which is in downtown where there are many points of interest for tourist such as shopping centers and strip malls, restaurants. The other choice is Lombard Street location which is towards the Golden Gate Bridge area. This is very quiet area but does not have any attractions near the area besides the scenic view of the ocean over the Golden Gate Bridge. Many tourist would like to stay at this area because it is peace and quiet and beautiful. This location is also considered to be in good market because it is located near the sea level which brings a high note for the visitors trying to decide where to stay. The Union Square Location is also in a good location because it is surrounded with many stores and attractions near by which makes it easier for visitors in walking distance....
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