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Hegel and Marx: 3 Mar. 2005 I. Reading Hegel (with an eye towards Marx) 1. What is Hegel's project? Why is he concerned about the things he's concerned about? What is going on in Germany that helps explain this? 2. What is "world history"? What drives it? And what on earth does Hegel mean when he says, "The final goal of the world ...is Spirit's consciousness of its freedom, and hence also the actualization of that very freedom" (22)? (See pp. 55-6 for a clearer summary of this.) 3. Who makes history? Do men "make their own history"? (Look out for the recurrence of this theme in Marx.) What role is played by passion and by thought (26)? By the state (27)? By "great men" (32-34)? 4. What is the process by which history "happens"? How do we make sense of its violence ("this slaughter bench" p. 24), its apparent randomness, the fact that things turn out other than people intended? What conclusions does Hegel draw therefrom about process? (Hint: "It is demonstrated in philosophy that the Idea proceeds to its infinite antithesis. .." p. 28.)
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