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Freud I. Key Freudian concepts and terms: Freudian ego-psychology: "id"; "ego"; "super-ego" Manifestations of trauma: "neurosis," "psychosis" Psychological mechanisms: "repression"; "transference" Psychoanalytic concepts: "wish-fulfillment"; "the Oedipus complex" Instinctual and group-cultural drives: "the pleasure principle"; "the death instinct" II. Key questions : 1. What are the scientific claims of psychoanalysis? (We are not discussing this, but what is the status of these claims today?) What was Freud's project? 2. What is the psychoanalytic method? What is the meaning of dreams, jokes, psychological and seemingly psychosomatic distress? What kind of cure does psychoanalysis offer?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. How do we develop psychologically "healthy" selves? What sort of balance should we hope to achieve between the id, ego, and super-ego? 4. Is this a theory of morality? How do we develop moral feelings? 5. How did Freud understand the development of sexuality? In boys? In girls? Why is the development of "femininity" a particularly difficult process? To what kind of psychic stresses are girls (Freud would say) prone? III. Freud in context : 1. Can you find affinities between Nietzsche and Freud? 2. Are Woolf and Fanon indebted to Freud? How?...
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