02192008 - Lord Norths ,Conciliatory Propositions 1)...

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Lord North’s ‘Conciliatory Propositions’ 1) Standing army remains 2) Self-taxation Gen. Sir Thomas Gage – Gov of Massachusetts and commander-in-chief for N. America Concord Sam Adams, John Hancock Apr. 18, 1775 700 Redcoats William Dawes, Paul Revere Lexington green – 80 militia Patriots hid behind rock walls when the British had 700 soldiers marching back to safety Redcoats - 73 dead, 174 wounded Militia – 50 dead, 34 wounded April 17thm 1775 2 nd Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia Continental Army, May 1775 After what happened at Lexington, Continental Congress figures they need to take measures to protect themselves. They create (at least in paper) the Continental Army. Gen. George Washington of Virginia should be names the commander of the Continental Army. John Adams of Mass nominated George as well. June 1775 – Breed’s Hill. The militia are still continuing their battle with the British. Breed’s Hill was occupied by the patriots. British do a dumb thing and launch a frontal
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02192008 - Lord Norths ,Conciliatory Propositions 1)...

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