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1 Psychology 2: Principles of Psychology Study Guide Exam2: Chapters 6, 7, and 8 Exam2 will take place from 3:40 to 5:00 PM in 10 Evans on Tuesday, March 18th This study guide covers the topics that you should cover, know, and understand: Note that this next exam will be more difficult than the last exam because fewer topics and chapters have been covered, making it more likely that more detailed questions will appear on the exam. More than greater than half the class preferred the study guide the way it was designed for Exam 1. So, what I did is break the current study guide into two parts: 1.) Vocabulary section and 2.) Concept section. You can choose which part(s) you would like to study. I have re-structured the study guide in attempt to meet the needs of those students who were overwhelmed by the last study guide and those students who really liked the last study guide. So, this study guide presents you first with a list of vocabulary words that you should know (you can find the terms and the page number of their definitions and sections where they are discussed at the end of each chapter), however, there were terms that were used in lecture that may not appear on the lists below, so you should still look over all of the lectures. But, you will find a lot of redundancy between the lecture vocabulary and the lists below. I have mentioned multiple times that this section of the course is vocabulary heavy. So, when I go over the concepts that you should know for the exam, you will most likely see the terms again, but you may also see some new terms. So, my point: There is redundancy in the study guide, but there are also new terms. Now it is up to you to decide how you are going to use this study guide. You can: 1.) Make sure you only know the definitions for the terms listed below; 2.) Make sure you only know the lectures; or 3.) Make sure you know both the terms and the lectures (and use the text to supplement those topics that were presented in lecture). Given the topic of Exam 2 is learning, memory, cognition, and language, I believe this study guide is most fitting. Vocabulary you should know (or at the least be familiar with). Note that there were terms presented in lecture that do not appear on these lists (and vice versa): Chapter 6: Learning Acquisition Law of effect Spontaneous recovery Applied behavior analysis Learning curve Stimulus control (or behavior modification) Methodological behaviorist Stimulus generalization Avoidance learning Mirror neurons Stimulus-response psychology Behaviorist Negative punishment Unconditioned reflex Belongingness Negative reinforcement Unconditioned response (UCR) Blocking effect Omission training Unconditioned stimulus (UCS) Chaining Operant conditioning Variable-interval schedule Classical conditioning (or Instrumental conditioning) Variable-ratio schedule (or Pavlovian conditioning) Passive avoidance learning Vicarious reinforcement Conditioned response (CR) Positive reinforcement (or Vicarious punishment)
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StudyGuide2 - 1 Psychology 2: Principles of Psychology...

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