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1 Psychology 2: Principles of Psychology Study Guide Exam4: Chapters 12, 15, and 16 Exam4 will take place from 3:40 to 5:00 PM in 10 Evans on Tuesday, May 6, 2008 This study guide covers the topics that you should cover, know, and understand: Note that this next exam may be more difficult because it covers fewer topics and chapters, making it more likely that more detailed questions will appear on the exam. The current study guide is broken down into two parts: 1.) a vocabulary section and 2.) a concept section. You should know the vocabulary (you can find the terms and the page number of their definitions and sections where they are discussed at the end of each chapter). However, there may have been terms that were used in lecture that may not appear on the lists below, so you should still look over all of the lectures. Again there will be some redundancy between the vocabulary and the concept sections. How to use the study guide: 1.) Make sure you only know the definitions for the terms listed below; 2.) Make sure you know, people, stages, experiments, etc… and 3.) Make sure you know the lectures (and use the text to supplement those topics that were presented in lecture). Vocabulary you should know. Note that there were terms presented in lecture that do not appear on these lists (and vice versa): Chapter 12: Emotional Behaviors, Stress, and Health Chapter 15: Abnormality, Therapy, and Social Issues Anger management training Frustration-aggression hypothesis Rape Anxiety Guilty-knowledge test Reappraisal Autonomic nervous system Health psychology Schacter and Singer’s Broaden-and-build hypothesis Inoculation theory of emotions Contempt James-Lange theory Stress Cortisol
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StudyGuide4 - 1 Psychology 2: Principles of Psychology...

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