government - constitution project part 1

government - constitution project part 1 - Clay Samford...

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Clay Samford Gov’t 7 th Ms. Alcerreca Constitution A: To begin, my country will be based upon a representative democracy government. B Legislative Branch – House of Commons 1. The legislative branch will be unicameral 2. This House of Commons strictly holds twenty seats – one for each state representative. Each state can elect one representative to hold a seat in the House of Commons. 3. Requirements for seat holder: must be of age forty or older; must have been born in the country and lived in the country for thirty-five of the forty years; each representative must have never committed any crimes – including misdemeanors; each representative must also have held some form of public office in his/her state legislature; each representative must be elected by the citizens of his or her state through an official established voting process; if a crime is committed while a representative holds office, he/she will be immediately removed from position and state must hold new election; each representative must maintain cooperation to law- must obey same laws as does the society as a whole; each representative will hold office for a total of ten years – in the case of a death, another representative will be elected for the remainder of the serving period; official office elections will take
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government - constitution project part 1 - Clay Samford...

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