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government Ch 2 notes - David Baker, Clay Samford, Reily...

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David Baker, Clay Samford, Reily Janson, Kelly Nicosia Chapter 2 Notes For “The Carbon-Based Entities” The origins of the constitution A Constitution - is a nation’s basic law The Declaration of Independence was a document which declared that the people of the United States were independent of British rule and listed the grievances the colonies had against King George. It also stated that people had certain unalienable natural rights. Natural rights – Rights inherent in human beings, not dependent on governments, which include life, liberty and property (taken from John Locke’s second treatise of civil government ) From this Locke held that before governments came people were in a state of nature and there were no formal laws, instead the laws of nature governed people. These laws were determined by morals. Therefore Natural law can justify the challenge of a tyrannical king because it is superior to human law. Government must be built on: Consent of the Governed – government derives its authority from the people, and Limited government – the idea that there should be certain restrictions on government to protect natural rights. The Articles of Confederation was the first government the U.S. had, It had one senate which had very little Shay’s Rebellion- A series of attacks on courthouses by a small band of farmers led by Daniel shay. Making a Constitution
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government Ch 2 notes - David Baker, Clay Samford, Reily...

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