government Ch 9 notes - Notes for the "Carbon based...

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Notes for the “Carbon based entities” David Baker, Reily Janson, Kelly Nicosia, Clay Samford Nomination - the official endorsement of a candidate for office of a political office Campaign strategy - the master game plan candidates lay out to guide there election National Party Convention - The supreme power within each of the parties, the convention meets every 4 years to nominate the party’s presidential and vice presidential candidates. Caucus (state party)- A meeting of all state party leaders for selecting delegates to the national party convention. Presidential primaries - elections in which voters in a state vote for a candidate, most delegates chosen to the national party convention are chosen this way. McGovern-Fraser Commission - a commission formed at the 1968 democratic convention in response to demands for reform by minority groups and other who sought better representation. Superdelegates
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government Ch 9 notes - Notes for the "Carbon based...

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