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government Ch 11 notes

government Ch 11 notes - The Carbon Based Entities Chapter...

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The Carbon Based Entities Chapter 11 notes - interest group – an organization of people with similar policy goals who enter the political process to try to achieve those aims. - Pluralist theory – theory of gov’t and politics emphasizing that politics is mainly a competition among groups, each one pressing for its own preferred policies - Elite theory – a theory of government and politics contending that societies are divided along class lines and that an upper-class elite will rule, regardless of the formal niceties of governmental organization. - Hyperpluralist theory – a theory of gov’t and politics contending that groups are so strong that gov’t is weakened. Hyperpluralism is an extreme, exaggerated, or perverted form of pluralism. - Subgovernments – or iron triangles, are composed of key interest group leaders interested in policy X, the government agency in charge of administering policy X, and the members of congressional committees and subcommittees handling policy X.
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