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government Ch 15 notes - Chapter 15 notes The...

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Chapter 15 notes The Carbon-Based-Entities - Until about 100 years ago, people got a government job through patronage (hiring and promotion based on knowing the right people. - Pendleton Civil Service Act (1883) created federal Civil Service – based on merit principle. - Hatch Act – Prohibits civil service from active political party involvement while working. - Senior Executive Service – highest ranked civil service workers - plum book – lists top federal jobs available for presidential appointment. - Weber Model – bureaucracy depends on a hierarchy structure and operate on merit principle. - Acquisitive, monopolistic theory – agencies mostly acquisitive, maximizing budgets, and expanding powers. - Garbage can theory – affected by chance and loosely run. How Bureaucracies are organized - The Cabinet Departments - The Regulatory Agencies - The Government Corporations - Independent Executive Agencies - Bureaucracies as implementers – . Includes 3 elements: 1) creation of new agency or
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government Ch 15 notes - Chapter 15 notes The...

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