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Brey 1st Lecture - Dr Christopher W Brey Assistant...

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Dr. Christopher W. Brey Assistant Professor Center for Vector Biology Blake Hall rm 212 cook ---------------------- Darwinian Evolution: Ch. 17 Idea of biodiversity Creationism Darwinian Evolution: Every living organism derived from a common ancestor. It is the accumulation of inherited changes in a population over time. It is the passing down of one’s own genes(though Darwin did not specifically know that). For example, man and gorillas have more DNA in common than most other animals. Early Thinkers: Darwin: Came up with idea of Natural Selection Malthus: Greatly influenced Darwin mathematically Lyell: He believed the earth was millions. .even billions of years old. He believed so because facts such as erosion. Lamarck: Believed in evolution, but his method was wrong. Lamark: He thought that organisms acquired traits. I.E. if you pumped weights every day, was jacked, and had a child, the child would be jacked. Darwin:
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Variation: the giraffes with shorter necks died off because they couldn’t reach trees. Those with longer necks are able to get to trees for food, and therefore they lived to reproduce. Darwin left medical school because he fainted at the sight of blood, so he went
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Brey 1st Lecture - Dr Christopher W Brey Assistant...

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