REL 1350 Enlightenment blackboard

REL 1350 Enlightenment blackboard - Age of Reason: The...

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Unformatted text preview: Age of Reason: The Enlightenment **E ushered in the modern world; a culture freeing itself from the authority of church and theology **Produced a focus on immanence (human reason rather than revelation from God above) Enlightenment Principles Have courage to use our own reason that is the motto of the E. (Kant) Primacy of reason o Reason, rather than Scripture or tradition, is supreme authority for theological method o Light of reason by each individual trumped the hierarchical authority of the Church. o Historically, the method was Anselms faith precedes reason o I believe in order to understand replaced by I believe what I can understand Nature o E speaks of the very nature of things; what is reasonable is natural o A focus on a grand Designer o Conform life to the laws of nature that are discovered by reason Autonomous Individualism o Emergence of individual reason and conscience as the primary arbiters of truth o The individual who discovers and follows laws of nature by reason, conscience o Rejection of external authorities - authoritarianism - like the church or a book/scriptures o Genuine liberty achieved when individual reason is in accord with universal laws of reason Optimistic anthropology o Elevated status of the human and human capabilities o Rejected traditional focus on total depravity (mind is a blank slate) o A focus on this world and progress...
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REL 1350 Enlightenment blackboard - Age of Reason: The...

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