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REL 1350 slavery - Religion and the Pro Slavery Antebellum...

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Religion and the Pro Slavery Antebellum South The Triumph of Pro Slavery Reasons: Cotton is King Defensive response to Abolition Hardening and Fear after Slave Rebellions (Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner) Racial Supremacy - Whites were determined to see the South as a land where the white man would always be supreme. So slavery was an economic system and an arrangement of the races. Aborted Rebellion of Denmark Vesey: Pro Slavery Response of Richard Furman to the Governor of South Carolina (1823) The Abolitionist Crisis of 1835 July, 1835, Lewis Tappan’s literature from American Antislavery Society arrives in Charleston and burned. First important confrontation with N. abolitionists for S. ministers. Created a crisis that drew S. ministers into sectional politics. The northern attack on South, according to southern ministers, was wrong in two ways. First, Slavery was sanctioned by the Bible and justified by natural law. So it violated no moral principle. Second, by attacking the existence of Slavery itself, a civil matter, the A had pushed religion into the political realm where it did not belong. Slavery will be called a Positive Good (Calhoun first uses this phrase in 1837). Slavery defended: the morality of slavery and the infidelity of Abolitionism The Abolitionist argument : The Bible is against oppression of any kind Slavery passages were “permissive statues” that would be superceded Abolitionists interpreted Bible differently. They argued that it was the spirit rather than the letter of the Bible that was antislavery.
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The Pro Slavery Rebuttal Slavery is a civil institution (religious concerns made private to preserve public
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REL 1350 slavery - Religion and the Pro Slavery Antebellum...

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