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Study Guide Final Exam SP2008 - M3305 Study Guide for Final...

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M3305 Study Guide for Final Exam Class, the exam will consist of 100 multiple choice questions based on content for chapters 1-19 The exam will be closed notes/closed book and you will need to bring a pencil. The level of difficulty will require you to understand and remember: important definitions/concepts we’ve covered in class thus far, as well as distinguish them from each other. So, if I list a term below – like “market segmentation” what I want you to know is: what the term means, what it does not mean, be able to identify it and recognize examples in a business context, and know any relevant sub-parts, illustrated in the text, etc. Ch. 1: An Overview of Marketing What is an exchange, what it is not (4) Customer value (6) Customer satisfaction (7) Marketing management philosophies (4-6) The marketing concept (5) Marketing Orientation (5) Relationship marketing (8) Ch. 2: Strategic Planning Marketing plan, elements (15-16) Marketing Objectives (18) SWOT (18) Competitive advantage, types, sustainable (21) Target market strategy (23) Product development, Market penetration, etc. (22) Ch. 3: Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Marketing Environment Pyramid of social responsibility (29) Ethics, morals (30) Social factors, difficulty of tracking (33-35) Demographic factors 34-36) Multiculturalism (38) External Marketing Environment (32) Ch. 4: Developing a Global Vision Global market standardization (50) Culture (50) Product adaptation (56) Quota (51) Direct Investment (57) Joint Venture (56)
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Study Guide Final Exam SP2008 - M3305 Study Guide for Final...

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