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course heroLove Vs[1]. Duty

course heroLove Vs[1]. Duty - Love vs Duty Many people who...

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Love vs. Duty Many people who are in relationships today relate faithfulness solely with monogamy. Monogamy entails having only one sexual partner during a given period of time; however, there is more to being faithful than monogamy. Being faithful requires loyalty, trust, and honesty. But what is the source of this faithfulness? Do we remain faithful to those with whom we are in a relationship out of love or duty? Is being faithful simply a natural part of being in a relationship, like making the bed is part of a maid’s occupation? Do the words boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife come with an unwritten law requiring us to act faithfully, or is faithfulness driven by love? The answer to these questions usually determines the type of relationship a couple is in and the values of that relationship. If couples remain faithful to one another as the result of some obligation or unwritten law requiring them to do so, the faithfulness of the relationship is based on duty. However, if the couple remains faithful simply because each person feels
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