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Experiment 4 Lab Report - Mark DeWitt 35651743 Chemistry...

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Mark DeWitt 35651743 Chemistry 216 Section 128 Experiment 4: Sodium Borohydride Reduction of a Ketone Introduction The purpose of this experiment was to reduce an unknown ketone through the addition of sodium borohydride. The goal was to discover the identity of the unknown through the analysis of the TLCs, the melting points, and the IR spectra of the unknown ketone and its resulting alcohol. Reaction Results My unknown was number 785. I predicted that this was the ketone 4’-Methoxyacetophenone. These are the steps that I performed for the experiment: 1. Dissolved 0.1 g of unknown ketone in 1 mL of 95% ethanol. 2. Cooled the solution in ice. 3. Added 40 mg of sodium borohydride to solution/suspension. 4. Reaction mixture warmed up. 5. Waited for 15 minutes. 6. Added 1 mL of water to solution/suspension. 7. Heated the solution/suspension to its boiling point using a sand bath and a hot plate.
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8. Diluted the hot solution with hot water to the point of saturation (indicated by cloudiness).
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