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Process Analysis Essay - DeWitt 1 Mark DeWitt English...

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DeWitt 1 Mark DeWitt English 125.014 Suzanne Hancock 21 March 2007 Fishfly Season Chesterfield Township, Michigan is normally a small, quiet town on the lake disturbed only by the occasional road construction. Summer days consist of bike riding, trips to the Dairy Queen, and walks in the park near the beach. However, as quaint and picturesque as this town might seem, every year around the same time, this area is struck with tragedy and horror. Insects swarm through the air, landing on cars, stop signs, houses, and even people. These are not just any type of insects either; they are the dreaded fishflies. These horrible and disgusting creatures breed and multiply in Lake St. Clair and then descend upon the local residents and their simple town. If you have never seen a fishfly before, let me tell you that they are the most god-ugly creatures you will ever see in your life. Their thin, brown bodies, slimy wings, and beady eyes are enough to make even the die-hard animal lover crush them. Fear surrounds this town while people stay indoors, glancing out their windows, wondering when the fishfly terror will cease. However, even though citizens stay inside as much as possible, they do need to travel outside the safety of their homes for basic necessities, such as food. This is where I come in. During the summer, I worked at a local grocery store called VG’s. I normally stocked groceries and worked as a bagger. However, when the fishfly season came
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DeWitt 2 around, my job drastically changed. I went from the dull, boring job of asking, “Paper or plastic?” to becoming a hero to the citizens of Chesterfield Township. My boss came up to me while I was bagging one day and asked me if I would be interested in performing a job that was vital to the safety and morale of the VG’s customers. I lifted up my eyes from the paper and plastic bags, stared intensely into his cool, blue eyes, and told him that I would undertake whatever job he needed me to do. Once I accepted, he nodded quickly and then said that we would start our task the next day at 7:00 in the morning.
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