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Comparison and Contrast Essay - Final Draft

Comparison and Contrast Essay - Final Draft - DeWitt 1 Mark...

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DeWitt 1 Mark DeWitt English 125-014 Suzanne Hancock 21 February 2007 Expect the Unexpected My older cousin Aaron once said, “Mark, you’re going to turn wild in college and experience new and unexpected things.” Although crazy and facetious, this statement is one of many that I heard about college life before I came to U of M. In addition to this, I heard other memories and suggestions regarding college from various people, ranging from my parents to people with whom I work. For example, my parents told me, along with several other things, that college would be a place where I would meet a vast array of people, some of which would become lifelong friends. Over the years, I have formed general opinions and expectations about college life based on these points of advice. Gradually, these expectations turned into fear; I was afraid that I would not make as many friends as my parents had told me or that I would have roommate problems just as a coworker had said. Even though life is much more complicated, the most startling similarities and differences between my expectations and reality regarding college life occurred within the areas of dorm and social life. Before school even started, I received my housing information during the summer, and this news led to many expectations regarding my housing for freshman year. Knowing that I was an LS&A student, I opened my housing letter, anticipating a dorm on Central Campus. To my dismay, I realized that I had been placed on North Campus. I was surprised because, from what I had learned during tours and from friends, I thought that North Campus was
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DeWitt 2 mostly for engineers, art students, and music students and that most LS&A students lived on Central Campus. Even though I was forced to live on North Campus, I expected to enjoy college dorm life by making the best out of what I thought would be a bad situation, as I normally do.
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Comparison and Contrast Essay - Final Draft - DeWitt 1 Mark...

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