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DeWitt 1 Mark DeWitt English 125.014 Suzanne Hancock 13 April 2007 The Importance of Sports The “sports person” is a common term within our society. To most people, the term itself is fairly self-explanatory. Most would say that a “sports person” is simply one who enjoys some form of sports. This enjoyment could entail playing sports, watching sports, or playing sports video games. This definition can be applied to men and women of any age. Those who exhibit one or more of these characteristics are labeled “sports people,” and those who do not exhibit any of these traits are termed “non-sports people.” Often times, groups of people are divided between the sports people and the non-sports people. In these cases, it is very difficult for the non-sports people to understand why the sports people are so crazy about sports. For some unknown reason, the non-sports people just do not get it. They are completely uninterested by sports and refuse to have anything to do with sports. These non-sports people downright do not care about sports and do not give sports a chance. There is much more to sports than people understand; sports are an integral part of American culture and help to unite people around the world. I am what society would term a sports person. Sports have always been a very important part of my life. I have played in sports leagues since I was a child and have played an organized form of a great variety of sports. I no longer play all of these sports in organized leagues, but I play some of them for fun, and I play intramural sports here at the University of Michigan. I am a huge fan of nearly all sports, and I love to attend
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DeWitt 2 sporting events or watch sports on television. I also enjoy playing many sports video games. In contrast, my girlfriend, Jennifer, is what society would call a non-sports person. She absolutely despises sports and everything related to them. This is unfortunate because she does not understand everything for which sports stand. She is completely oblivious to the importance of sports in society and in the nature of humans. All of the previously stated generalizations apply to Jennifer and me. It is very disappointing to me that Jennifer is a non-sports person. I have tried my absolute hardest to convert her into a sports person. I would be satisfied if only she exhibited even the most minor interest in sports. I have invited Jennifer to attend sporting events with me on many occasions. I have also asked her to play sports with me quite often. Regrettably, I have had little success with these endeavors. Jennifer has refused most of my proposals because she believes that sports are a waste of time. The word “sports” is a very broad term. A “sport” is defined as “a physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively” (American Heritage Dictionary ). Sports are worldwide; hundreds of sports exist throughout the world. The popularity of certain sports varies from country to country and
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Persuasive Essay - DeWitt 1 Mark DeWitt English 125.014...

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