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John Doe Student ID#: 555555555 Biology 101 – Writing Assignment Stem cells are self-perpetuating and undifferentiated cells, which can be manipulated into transforming into a wide range of specialized cell types. The conflict regarding stem cell research lies within the question of, despite its potential to benefit millions, whether it is ethical or not, two very strong sides of the argument that can be found in Dianne Irving’s “Stem Cell Research: Some Pro’s and Con’s” and Medical News Today’s “New Procedure to Differentiate Human Embryonic Stem Cells”. The article presented by Medical News Today focused on how molecular scientists at the Institute of Molecular Medicine for the Prevention of Human Diseases, IMM for short, have developed a new procedure for the differentiation of embryonic stem cells which they have used to create the first transplantable source of lung epithelial cells. The process of creating these cells involves the embryonic stem cells being cultured on specially coated dishes before being transfected with a lung epithelial gene regulator of a drug selection gene. The main issue that plagues scientists that work with stem cells however, is how they derive the initial stem cells. Many people feel that the cells obtained from preserved or aborted embryos constitutes murder, being that in time any embryo could, under the right circumstances, grow into a human being. This article does support the idea of stem cell research and proves that though it may be controversial, it could end up being beneficial to millions. Some assumptions presented by the IMM after the development of their lung
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Writing Assignment - John Doe Student ID#: 555555555...

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