THE AMRICAN REV PAPER! - For many years americans have...

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For many years americans have fought for their freedom to have equal rights or so that America would be a suitable place to live. The most indispensable moment in history, the American Revolution, is a vital example how America establish such a strong constituent in fighting for their freedom. According to Michael Johnson, Reading The American Past, the endeavors that the British had in separating these tenacious colonies would collapse tremendously causing a huge upheaval for the thirteen colonies and the British. One of the most important figures in american history is Edmund Burke, a British statesman and a parliamentary orator who played a major role in the American Revolutionary. During his political career as a private secretary of the whig in Parliament, was the main person in the constitution controversy in Britain, at that moment was trying to establish a strong dictatorship. Having a horrible disagreement superior power in Britain for maintaining an abusive monarch. Burke poured out to the colonies for his supports. ( Burke opposed the attitude of severe sovereignty in relation to the colonists.) He acting in doing what was right. During the end of the 1700's the thirteen colonies were in a huge conflict with the British which began the American Revolutionary War. One of the key country that played a major role in this conflict was France that provide American patriots with money and munitions, helping them form a coalition against the British. Although American at that time did not see that France as a huge role model because of their strong lack of faith in the of monarchy. The Navigation Act and the Staple Act gave the
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requirements that all European goods to passed through the Whales or England. Furthermore, all the goods
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THE AMRICAN REV PAPER! - For many years americans have...

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