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Prompt #1

Prompt #1 - Summarize the evolution of the civil service...

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Summarize the evolution of the civil service exam system up to the Song Dynasty. Make sure to explain: reasons for its development; important changes in its implementation; how it affected the relationship between the emperor and other nobles and ministers; and its affects on the character and culture of Chinese elites. Thesis: The civil service exam found its roots in the Qin legalistic system, as it progressed through the centuries, more and more dynasties began to implement it as a way of finding qualified officials to run the government. As more emphasis was placed on the exam, the exam became responsible for transforming the nobles and elites from militaristic generals to intelligent scholars. Topic #1: The root of the civil service exam began in the Qin dynasty with the legalistic era, and quickly caught on in the Han and Tang, and was used the most during the Song. The meritcratic legalistic system of Qin was able to give root to the environment that promotes the civil service exam. o
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