2008BeachesStudyQuestE1 - Professor FitzGerald Introduction...

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Professor   FitzGerald                 Spring 2008 Introduction to Beaches and Shorelines  ES 142 Exam #1  Study Questions SUBJECT:  Plate Tectonics 1. What goes on at a subduction zones? 2. What is the lithosphere and what are the major lithospheric plates? 3. What are the various features and processes that define plate boundaries? 4. What processes occur at mid-ocean ridges and why? 5. What is a shear zone (transform)? 6. What is a hot spot (geologically speaking), what do they form in ocean basins, and what do they indicate           about the Pacific plate (trend of Hawaiian Islands)?   7. What are oceanic and continental crust composed of? 8. What is the asthenosphere and what properties does it have that enable plates to move   across it and be subducted into it? 9. Give examples of Collision, Spreading, and Shear Zones.
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This note was uploaded on 05/08/2008 for the course ES 142 taught by Professor Fitzgerald during the Spring '08 term at BU.

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2008BeachesStudyQuestE1 - Professor FitzGerald Introduction...

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