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Unformatted text preview: Professor FitzGerald Spring 2008 Beaches And Shoreline Processes ES 142 Exam #3 Study Questions SUBJECT: Onshore-Offshore and Longshore Sediment Transport 1. What are the factors that influence the rate of sand movement along the coast? 2. How is sand moved in the swash zone as compared to the surf and breaker zones? 3. Explain how sand is moved along shore in the surf and breaker zones. 4. Be able to show with a diagram and words how the longshore current is generated. 5. What are some of the consequences of longshore sand transport? 6. What are tombolos and how do they form? 7. The beachface represents an equilibrium reached between what two forces? 8. Be able to discuss the factors affecting beachface slope. SUBJECT: Waves 1. How are waves formed and how do they increase in size?...
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This note was uploaded on 05/08/2008 for the course ES 142 taught by Professor Fitzgerald during the Spring '08 term at BU.

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Studyquestions3rdexam2008 - Professor FitzGerald Spring...

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