PS251Syll_Spr08 - Psychology of Personality - PS251 (A1)...

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Psychology of Personality - PS251 (A1) Boston University, Department of Psychology Spring 2008: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 12 – 1 pm, CAS 522 Richard Ely, Ph. D. ______________________________________________________________________________ Course Description : Students will be introduced to major theoretical and empirical approaches to the study of personality. In lectures, I will expand upon ideas and concepts presented in the text, and will present current and past research findings not covered in the text. I will also offer examples and demonstrations of empirical approaches to personality psychology. In order to do this, a number of assessment measures (questionnaires) will be made available to students. By completing these measures students will be able to assess their own personalities. Completion of these questionnaires is optional , and students are never required to share their results with anyone. Course Requirements: PS101 is a pre-requisite. Students are required to attend class and discussion sections, and to complete reading and writing assignments. Grading (see below) is based on three non- cumulative exams and one 6-page paper. Grading : Each exam represents 25% of the final grade; the paper represents 25%% of the final grade. Each exam covers material presented in each third of the course and is non-cumulative. Each exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. Prior to each exam students will receive a study guide that identifies the material upon which the exam is based. Guidelines for the final paper will be posted on CourseInfo. Students with an unexcused exam absence may receive a failing grade for that exam. Students turning in the final paper late may receive a grade reduction of up to 10% per day.
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This note was uploaded on 05/08/2008 for the course PS 251 taught by Professor Ely during the Spring '08 term at BU.

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PS251Syll_Spr08 - Psychology of Personality - PS251 (A1)...

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