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Trinity; an eastern perspective What is a person? Knows the difference between right and wrong Alive Can think Free will Has a soul Communal, survival Aware of the potential to cause emotional, psychological, and physical harm Special responsibilities We depend on each other for friendship/love -- Three persons in the trinity, not three things. Relate to one another through love First example is baptism; god is speaking, spirit is pointing, Jesus is being washed. Others: jesus rises from the dead. Talks about being with the father, and he will send the councilor to help. Jesus prays to the father; passion narrative/submission “why have you forsaken me?” – relationship broken between father and son
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Unformatted text preview: --Why trinity? 1 st commandment-important still because jesus was jewish, and early Christians are still jews.--Also, jesus says that he is god a lot.-- Holy spirit descends on the apostles, after jesus is gone.--Trinity discussed at the council of Nicaea 325ad Roman empire allows Christianity. Nicaea is a response to arianism Basil born 329ish, dies 379 Seminarians – son and father is equal, but holy spirit is subservient Sabellianism, modalism = one god, who in salvation history has different functions or modes. Jesus makes distinctions between him and the father...
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theo15 - -Why trinity 1 st commandment-important still...

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