theo17 - Possible because jesus’ body is a glorified body...

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Mystery problem e.g. trinity what really happened? can’t know: could know, if everything is in place. so, accept, question, or convert -- Common day mysteries; emotion, breathing, dreams -- Heresy = treating a mystery like a problem -- Transubstantiation – host, after consecration = jesus, mystery Problem 1: bloody meat pieces (it’s not… obviously) also, cannibalism, especially christ Problem 2: cracker, no different from any other bread, no meaning, contradicts Liturgy -- Why convert after Constantine? Belief, or political advantage. (less sincere, cracker problem) ambrose tries to stress real aspect, (actually body of Christ). middle ages = opposite side of the problem, so Aquinas gives transubstantiation, + symbolic language, not mere symbol but a real symbol. -- Christ has a “real presence” And is “spiritually” present, along with… “bodily”
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Unformatted text preview: Possible because jesus’ body is a glorified body, not confined by space/time. Not subject to normal rules of sight. Speak and interact with physical world Wounded-- Different type of body = different rules, allows for transubstantiation--Why? See up. (god’s power) How? Aristotle allows for substance/essence, and accidents/characteristics/properties.--God loves: Unconditional, jesus wept for lazarus, the 3 big commandments are about love, created us, sent jesus, luck/coincidence, loving anger at isrealites, we love… and we were made in his image. God suffers yes? Anger = suffering, satan Sin and abuse of love Vicariously, through us/jesus, justification for human Jelous god Passion. God turned his back on jesus dying. God suffers no? Voluntary suffering is not “suffering”...
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theo17 - Possible because jesus’ body is a glorified body...

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