classics16 - Iphig in aulis(tantalos =father of...

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Tragetiens eat off the crumbs of homer Odyssey Telemecus+ Odyssius vs suiter’s families Resolved by Athena -- Ajax Family burial, tecmessavs Odyssisus resolved -- Philoctetes Truth, respect, honesty, decency (philoctetes) vs duty, noble lie, service to community, fame, success (odysseus) resolved by Heracles -- Iphig in Aulis Loyalty to family vs. loyalty t ocommunity iphig, clyt menalaus Agamemnon sways Artemis resolves Greek myth explores royal houses Oedipus Heracles Tantalos = shift from human sacrifice to animal sacrifice (bestial to enlightened reason)
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Unformatted text preview: Iphig in aulis (tantalos =father of pelops) (pelops = father of atreus , thyestes ) (atreus = father of menelaos and agamemnon) (Menelaos + Helen = hermione) (Agamemnon + Clytemnestra= father of Iphig, Electra, Orestes) Tantalos cuts up kid and feeds to zues Zues punishes him, makes him thirsty and hungry and puts him in a river he can’t drink. Nostoi (homecomings) warriors of troy Odyssey Ajax Aeneas Menaleus Agamemnon...
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classics16 - Iphig in aulis(tantalos =father of...

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