theo5 - Modern Biblical Interpretation (canon) =...

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Modern Biblical Interpretation (canon) = Manusrcipts Textual criticism = looking for original text = “final form” - What it reveals… - scribal errors - deliberate changes - doctrinal -editing Historical criticism -what really happened? Cross referencing other types of documents (what can we learn about history through this text) Source criticism - Sources - Context of writing o Author intention Form criticism (oldest) - oral traditions - form of the text… genre (epic…) o setting o psalms (coronation hymn) redaction criticism (partially source criticism) - comparing gospels o find out who wrote it with what materials o chronological…
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o what do the changes mean… why? Express a particular view Theologians Canonical criticism - How does the community use the texts (reception) in the first community - Later communities (interpretation) - How they are interpretated against eachother (psalm 16… jesus. Psalm 110 = kingship) Septuagint masoretic dead sea scrolls Has scripture A has scripture b
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theo5 - Modern Biblical Interpretation (canon) =...

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