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classics21 - Augustus = new Romulus and aeneas-Aeneas needs...

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Romulus and remus go back to the cave to found the city. Remus looks up and sees 6 vultures. Looking the other way, Romulus sees 12 birds. Controversy: 2 myths. Supporters fight, Romulus kills remus OR: remus mocks Romulus by jumping over the little wall and taunting him, Romulus must kill him out of pride. Roman myth is influence by Etruscans and Greeks. Rhome = strength in greek Aeneas linked to sicily --
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Unformatted text preview: Augustus = new Romulus and aeneas--Aeneas needs to get the old troy of his back to found new school. It becomes the bible for roman students for generations, teaches reading, civil virtue, etc.--Rome at her largest 117 CE, trajen--Arma virum que cano Arma = illiad, war, virum = man, odyessy Combo of illiad, odyessy--Destiny mentioned alot in prolouge!!!!!...
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