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theo8 - b Explaination Story convo with samritan...

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Christology Functional - Role - Event gives it - Son of god (heir of david) - Appeals to jews, who want a Davidic king, furfills prophesies. Not convinced of jesus Ontological (origin) - Identity - Born with - Son of god (shares nature with god) - Appeals to other people, who believe in jesus, to believe them more. Wisdom Christology (jesus = wisdom) - Helps in creation (logos)(radiance) - Old testament wisdom, proverbs, - sirach (2 nd century BCE, 167 BCE maccabean revolution) wisdom is greek philosophy “logos” because of helenism. Comes from greek text apocrypha wisdom is extremely important jhons techniques 1. Poetic format a. Reminiscent of wisdom 2. Misunderstanding a. Clarifies potential objections 3. Twofold meaning a. Living water 4. Irony a. Draws reader’s attention to reader’s knowledge characters don’t know
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5. Inclusions and transitions a. The light and darkness b. Word, life, truth, water, bread, whitness 6. Parenthesis & footnotes a.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Explaination Story; convo with samritan “dialogue” (jesus one on one with X) “interlocutor” = other person Jesus starts conversation, please give me a drink Samaratin sasses jesus Jesus says I’m god, you asked the wrong question, try again. I give you water S: how would you give me water, you don’t have a bucket. J: my water will make you self sufficent. Try again J: you don’t have a husband, 5 S: you’re a prophet S: why should I worship your stuff? My people worshiped elsewhere (bethel) and we can’t sacrifice if we aren’t in your land. J: not important point. Worship is based on spirit, not place. You want in? S: I’ve heard of Christ the messiah who reveals everything J: that’s me, and I’m god too. S: he’s the Christ. He’s the Christ! Tell everyone __ Looking for faith in the wrong places Jesus has knowledge Call to honesty...
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theo8 - b Explaination Story convo with samritan...

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