classics28 - experience.--Sophocles – ajax goes crazy,...

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parilia Puficication of cattle and sheep through fire and water Hold ashes, horse blood, and a calf. Run through fire, some people throwing water -- Horrible things (performed on stage) give us pleasure, what does this say about us? Spectacles elicits and heightens, fear and pity, the two main emotions -- Romans banished baccan rights. 186 ce. Martial law declared to suppress baccans -- Heroditus tells us about … Phrynicos (trageditian) – 494 bc Myletus, sacking thereof by the Persians The crowd rioting and the magistrates forbid the performance of that play -- Actors: theodous, nothing wonderful about making an audience laugh, it’s wonderful to make them cry. (make people cry) -- Euripides dies, Sophocles makes people cry by wearing black, people are tantalized by near death
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Unformatted text preview: experience.--Sophocles – ajax goes crazy, crowd goes crazy.--Plato – delight in surrendering ourselves in tragedy, awards for choruses that make us cry. --Tertullian – church father, wait till you get to heaven to weep for sad losers of hell.--Hercules’ stone= magnets = muse Attached to the magnet are iron rings, (bard) (directly attached to magnet) Then attached to those are more rings, rhapsodes. (proclaim poetry) Then it gets the the audience. --Problems (as seen by plato): 3 steps removed from the muse. (not real) People lose inhibitions-- Counter measure: Can’t imagination and non real be valuable, if not true....
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classics28 - experience.--Sophocles – ajax goes crazy,...

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