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classics29 - 1 Gods causes only good-Athena tortures ajax...

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Plato: Highest = love of wisdom Mid = love of honor Lowest = love of appetites -- Ideal city, all groups mind their own business, ruled by wise rulers, implemented by mediums, done without question by lowest cast. -- Young brilliants are taken out and specially trained in reason, calculations, logic, groomed for philosopher kings The mid-level deal with the how to of the orders. Spirited, energetic and motivated. The lowest is the 7 deadly sins, desirous. So… brilliants are shepherds, mids are shepherd’s dogs, low = sheep. -- Tripartite psyche, mind, body, soul. -- Super-ego, ego, id. -- Plato vs tragedy/myth
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Gods causes only good -Athena tortures ajax, Aphrodite and paris, Zeus rapes. Etc 2. “ are not magicans, don’t lie-muses lie, hermes lies, ajax thought he was killing men 3. Don’t fear death-iphig dead, Achilles – rather be living slave than dead king, frogs 4. No whining-odysseus & telem, philoctetes, Heracles at the end of woman of trachis 5. No hard laughing, = cruel -lunatics laugh, or ridicule. Suitors, Athena-ajax 6. (7) p 29-30, loss of self control -not much drinking, sex, food, money Zues raping, odyssey, suitors in odyssey 8. no just men should suffer-...
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