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Classics2 - Then it starts to collapse Eventually they are...

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Classics2 1/18/08 Poets = knowledge and culture keepers (only way to preserve by word of mouth) “myths are born, not made” Page 88 line 375: amidst them still the famous bard sang on, and they sat in silence, listening as he performed the Achaeans’ journey Home from Troy: all the blows Athena doomed them to endure… An example of how the odyssey would have been performed (an illiterate bard) Bards have to memorize the material… or at least key chunks. Then allowed the muse to do the filler. Timeline: BCE -- 7000: people begin to live in cities together, walls… farms. No more than a few hundred citizens. Vedas: hindu oral traditions texts: are started -- 3500: civiliazations; sumeria, babalyon, Egypt Pyramids: 260 __ 2100 approx: to 1380 1380: volcano of santorini explodes, destroys half the island, very close to crete, destroyed or signifigantly damaged Knossos (capital of Minoa) and weakened king minos. Rise of the Minoans, the first of the Greek nations to have “greek” culture, spring up in Crete.
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Unformatted text preview: Then it starts to collapse. __ Eventually they are overtaken by Mycenaen and argos (mycenaen age), kinged by Agamemnon, and gets into the Trojan war around 1185. Mythos is mostly solidified, gods have defined roles, pantheon mostly established (2000-1185ish) __ 750 homer comes onto the scene, uses 700 yrs of myths.--Genesis and the old testimate 1000 bce. __ Roman mythology starts forming in 500ish _-Minoan info Why are they greek? What makes them a civiliazation? Ritual procession, animal sacrifice. + Greeks put themselves on vases Expanding and celebrating humanity. Sea-faring people Myths reflect values of culture Greek: Gods: interested in humanity. Lived in Olympus. Ritualistic animal sacrifice Societorial values: hospitality, equality of citizens, strong work ethic, competition First greek writing is Homeric mythology, found on a statue. (summary of a part of the odyssey)...
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Classics2 - Then it starts to collapse Eventually they are...

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