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Multi-layered myths of “rape” - Male vs female - Aetiologies (origin of things, why this is red, etc.) - Cultural tensions Rape of sabine women (seizure and retrieval) -- Romulus invites sabines to a religious festival. Women are taken, men are tossed out. Men retaliate after a year. Women stopped the fighting by running between the fighters with babies. Truce was made. Reexamined women in renessance, the possibility that women are courageous. Rapes and such = movement of power, whoever can rape girls has the power.
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Unformatted text preview: --Rape of tarquin’s son of lucrecia, this was the last straw to overthrow the Etruscan kings--Orpheus and Eurydice Eurydice dies, Orpheus goes and musically charms everything standing in his way and gets his woman back. He must walk out without looking back, she follows. Eventually he looks back accidently and he cannot love anyone else--Orpheus is ripped apart by baccans...
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