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classics22 - Proves aeneas should be hospitable charitable...

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Juno hates Aeneas because Aeneas will kill Carthage, her city, and she hates Trojans because paris gave the golden apple to Venus. “Pius Aeneas” Pious bronze… man who is solid as bronze. Pious = loyal to “gods, state, family” Order of aeneas’ actions, 1. Pray to gods, 2.takes care of troops Trojans Achaemenides – a greek who was left behind by Odyssius, on the island of cyclopses
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Unformatted text preview: Proves aeneas should be hospitable, charitable, merciful, and must absorb other cultures Rome = greek + Trojan + Etruscan Parcae= fates Clotho = the spinner Lachesis = the allotter Atropos = the one who cannot be turned away Fates decide “what” happens; the gods decide “how”....
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