classics19 - are given citizenship. 405- frogs 404 –...

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Greek tradgedy is at its core, a choral event. Get timeline from ausitn!! -- Frogs answers the question, who are you going to call to solve problems? (tragedians) Poets = school masters for adults, whose job is to teach morals. 490 = marathon 480=salamis 450-431 Pericles uses money to make golden age, build up temples 431-406 = Peloponnesian war, Athens vs. Sparta Pericles says we can beat em in seas, but not on land. He pulls people into the city, but this causes a plague, of which he dies in 430. 425 Sparta sues for peace, Athenians decline. Cleon, the demigod (someone who persuades a group to adopt policy favorable to him) 416-413 Peace of Nicias, ends with Alcibiades incites the people for the Sicilian Expidetion, which turned into a massive failure. 406- battle of arginusae – naval battle where Athenians beat Spartans (75 spartan ships got destroyed) Athenian sailors left behind to drown. Political enemies have 6 of the 8 winning generals executed. After, Spartans sue for peace again, Athenians say no. slaves who fought
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Unformatted text preview: are given citizenship. 405- frogs 404 – Athenians lost to the Spartans, in a surprise naval attack. Areas of Crituque against euripedes and aeschylus Literary Euripedes = common man poetry New age thought, logic and reason. Bah! Empty rhetoric. Sloppy iambics, language, costume, and characters (prostitutes, slaves, etc) Predicatable Alcibiades, socrates = friends Aeschylus = high brow Proper characters, etc. Traditional values Pettiness/ profundity Upper crust friends--Euripides = one hit wonder, cheap rhymes and words.--Scales Aeschylus wins the one-up-manship with weightier words--Aeschylus is picked to save Athens, using his old fashioned (morality) mentality--Political/Didactic Alcibiades?? What should we do with him? A = we should tolerate Alcibiades, he does have some uses, however unsavory he is E = Alcibiades is worthless and not dependable...
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classics19 - are given citizenship. 405- frogs 404 –...

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